Synology NAS – Blue Blinking LED of Death

Recently, I upgraded the operating system of my Synology NAS DS416play from DSM 6.0.something to 6.1. Some new features, security fixes, the usual stuff. After the update, the NAS was performing some intensive task on the hard drives, however I couldn’t access the NAS. After three days I lost patience and did a cold reboot after which the DiskStation didn’t even finish the boot process. It got stuck somewhere after activating the hard drives, just flashing the blue LED. All status LEDs were off and of course no access possible. Yeay!

After extensive internet research, a day of hardcore hacking to get some boot output and more internet research I found the solution which would reset the operating system (including all settings) but leaves the data on the hard drives intact.

  • Load newest DSM .pat file from Synology’s webpage
  • Power off the NAS and remove all hard drives
  • Boot the NAS and wait for it to complain about missing hard drives (blinking status LED)
  • Connect to the NAS via a browser as you would normally do it (you might have to find out the IP using your router or use the Synology Assistant)
  • It should complain about missing hard drives (duh!)
  • Reinsert all hard drives and start the installation process by selecting the downloaded DSM image

After this, I just had to setup all my settings again but all files on the storage volume were still there – it even got recognized automatically.

4 Gedanken zu „Synology NAS – Blue Blinking LED of Death

  1. Alan Tripp

    Thanks – after looking everywhere and almost giving up I found your post. It worked a treat, fixed the issues and only took 20 minutes. All the synology docs and their support were wrong (they blamed faulty hard drives) and not only did your fix work i kept all my data 🙂

  2. Marco

    HI I had a simular issue.

    – blue powerlight blinking when pressed
    – statuslight blinking green in the same rythm as the fan is ticking
    – green powerlight on the external power adaptor blinking in the same rythm as fan and status light

    Solution replace external power supply.

    I took it to work where I noticed the light on the power supply blinking in the same rythm. I took another 12V powersupply that I had at work and my DS213 started up again!

    This saved me 240 usd for a motherboard that Synology told me to replace that would not solved the issue!


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