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upperstage.de is the private blog of André Goerres, the strange guy you see in the image on the right. On this page you can read about things, stuff and others. You know?

Privacy information

Everyone who visits this side, leaves a trail as on any other web servers. Some things are necessary, others are just for my own curiosity. In any case your data is anonymized and will never be sold to advertising agencies, drug dealers or green aliens.
Apart from the technical necessary1 I collect some personal interesting data with the Piwik software. This includes browser type, time spent on upperstage.de, visited pages, … of course, everything as pure statistical data without any correlation to you in person. Piwik is installed on this server — hosted in Germany –, so no third parties have access to these statistics. In case you are not comfortable with that, you can always opt-out by unchecking here:

To enable data collection, a cookie will be set by your browser. Just that you cannot blame me for not telling.


All this stuff with copyrights makes sense, if used wisely. Everyone has a right to use and restrict his own creations. But especially in the internet, lots of stuff is based on (more or less) creative developments from existing things. Therefore, I don’t want to stand in the way of your creative process and everyone is welcome to take my things, as long as you don’t use it commercially, name me as the author and make it available as well.
To be more specific, the contents of this blog is under the creative commons »by-nc-sa« license, version 3.0. If this license doesn’t allow the use of my content, just contact me. I’ll talk with you, promise!

Contact information

You can reach me on many ways, I collected them on my profile page andregoerres.de. There I try to keep it as up-to-date as possible2. But at least I also put my address here:

André Goerres
Reumontstraße 47
52064 Aachen

And if there are still some open questions: people who ask will get help. But this doesn’t mean I will participate in any link sharing system (and similar bullshit), even if you offer me rocket-driven unicorn space ships. NO!

  1. For instance the requesting IP address — without knowing this the server wouldn’t know where to deliver the web page to. []
  2. In other words: as long as I don’t procrastinate it away. []